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About Brittney
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Brittney Payton Appearances:
Featured in Sophisticate's BLACK HAIR STYLES AND CARE GUIDE
Featured in Chicago Tribune Liver Health - An Independent Supplement By MEDIA PLANET
Spokesperson for the State of Illinois Organ and Tissue Donation Campaign
Keynote speaker for Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta and Savanna Georgia
Co-Host for Lucent Technologies Super Bowl Tailgate in Dallas, Texas
Children's Memorial Hospital Press Conference
Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament
Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council, emcee of MCHC's 57th Annual Luncheon
Keynote speaker. 7th Ward High Schools in Chicago inspirational speech on their theme
"How To Achieve Greatness In TV Broadcasting/Journalism"
Keynote speaker for the Cook County 2011 Youth Summit
"Youth for Life" - Remembering Walter Payton  
 *Brittney Payton (Co-Founder)*
It was not until Walter’s plea for an organ donor that the awareness of
this most precious gift of life hit home with the State of Illinois.
As a living testimony to her father, Brittney was instrumental in initiating the
“Youth for Life” Remembering Walter Payton program. 
She takes every opportunity to speak out on the importance of
being an organ donor.
After Walter’s televised plea for donors: the State of Illinois
became the #1 State for Registered Organ Donors. 
The Payton family, together with Jesse White, has worked diligently for the State
of Illinois to maintain this #1 status for the last four years. The “Youth for Life”
program is a tribute to what the Payton family is all about and the accomplishments
they’ve shared. The existence of this on-going program is not centered on any special
person or group.  It’s a program that will offer everyone an
opportunity for the continuation of life.